Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Painting a FREE Chair!!

I know, I know.....ANOTHER CHAIR!!! But hey, when we moved in the previous owner left a bunch of them and I couldn't help myself. So anyhow, she left this wingback chair, who doesn't love a wingback chair? The problem I had was that it was an outdated burgundy 1990's color (not to offend anyone who has one, or loves that color, but it is just not for me)! Now we all know I love to reupholster chairs, but I thought that taking on a wingback for the first time, wasn't something I was ready to do. So I had a problem,....A chair that wasn't my style and what to do with it.....I came across this post about using paint and a textile medium!! Hey why not, the chair was free and anything would be better than it's current state! So I ran to Hobby Lobby, bought textile medium and two bottles of black acrylic paint (I didn't want to try and go lighter because I was sure that would end in heartbreak and a lot of frustration and tears). I mixed according to the textile medium directions and then watered it down to just a little thicker than water consistency, took a foam brush and went to town!!!

It was really easy and the final product speaks for itself. I really hope it lasts though! It did turn out a little stiffer than it was, but it's a fair trade for how much better it looks. Plus I'm hoping that after a little time and wear, it will soften up! It is definitely not as stiff as it would have been had I not used the textile medium. I still need to make a pillow for this chair for now I just stole the pillow I made for the chair I reupholstered downstairs)

I'm working on trying to get the nailhead trim to work. The nails don't reach the wood so it falls out. I could hot glue or super glue them, but I don't know how they will hold up. Well see......


  1. Yeah, no snarky comments about dark burgandy wing back chairs. You m-i-l reads your posts. :-)

    Sharon @

  2. Great job on this chair, I would have never thought of painting the fabric. Where did you get the nailhead trim from? Maybe they have some with longer nails? Just a thought. Let me know if you ever decide to reupholster a wingback, I would love to see how you do it!

  3. I got the nailhead from Fabric Farms, I used it on another chair, and I have a lot left over, I don't want to spend money on more nailhead, when I have all of this left. I appreciate your Ideas, and if I wasn't on such a shoe string budget, I would be looking for different nailhead in a second!!

  4. Sharon, you have seen this chair, it wasn't pretty, your wingback chairs are much nicer than this one ever was!!! WE LOVE YOU NANA!!

  5. If they are a roll of nailheads can you just replace the nails that hold it in place with longer nails?

    Nice job. Hope it softens up and still wears well.

  6. Melanie, it seriously looks awesome. I never would have known-paint. Thanks so much for linking up at my link party.


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