Sunday, January 13, 2013

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

After begging, pleading, and tricking my husband, I finally got my wish and got the go ahead to paint the kitchen cabinets!!!  We have lived in this house for 1.5 years and I have wanted to paint them since day 1!!!  This house needed a make over from head to toe (and still does) but every improvement I did to this house, made these atrocious poop brown cabinets stand out even more.  In my eyes even if I screwed up the paint job and had drip marks and brush strokes everywhere, it couldn't possibly be worse than what it was.  I don't really feel like I need to do a big tutorial because there are SO many cabinet painting tutorials out there.  The quick run down of what I did was.....

 Lightly sanded everything down with electric hand sander, wiped it all down and then did 3 (because I was determined for it not to chip) thin coats of primer then I waited 24 hours and painted my cabinets with a color match of BM White Dove in Cabinet Finish paint.  I waited 7 hours between each coat and I applied 3 coats.  I waited 24 hours then hung everything back up!  I also primed and painted all my hardware with oil rubbed bronze paint.  I didn't feel like the Oil Rubbed Bronze paint really looked like oil rubbed bronze, it looked like a speckled black, so I got some metallic craft paint in copper and rubbed that on and now no one would know they were even painted, it looks great.  However, I do not like the look and shape of my hardware, it looks way too dated, so I ordered some pulls on amazon and I am still waiting to get them.  I will also put them on the drawers too so they don't look so plain! I love love love how much brighter and happy my kitchen feels!!!!

This is the before pic



And just so you have a full view of my kitchen, this is the other corner where our breakfast nook is...

I still have some decorating to do but I am so so much happier in my kitchen now!!  If this house wasn't a transitional home, I would think of installing new countertops and a new sink and faucet too, but it isn't worth the time and $$$ as we will be selling in a few years and we don't want to price ourselves out of this old neighborhood by doing granite and apron sinks ect.......Yay for a lighter kitchen

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