Friday, January 31, 2014

Countertop Painting

It has been a really long time since I have posted anything new on this blog....I have been quite busy being on bed rest and now having a new baby girl!  4 little ones is quite time consuming.  But I have been feeling so incredibly stir crazy this winter since I can barely ever go outside (that is what the idea of what feels like -100 degree weather will do to you)!  So because I have been locked up in the house I have decided to get back to work with easy projects that can be done without having to use my saw, stain, or any other outdoor product.  I have two really bad orange/yellow laminate countertops upstairs that I just could not take anymore.  I decided to paint them.  I am not going to do a tutorial today, but lets just say that I am glad that I did this and now this summer I am for sure going to do my kitchen countertops, that is how much I love how these turned out.  I just primed, painted a base coat, and did a lot of sponge layers of about 5 or six colors.  I sealed one of them with a polycrylic but I don't love the top coat so tonight I am going to use Envirotex lite to finish off the bathroom countertops.  I AM IN LOVE WITH THE BATHROOM COUNTERTOPS and I suggest everyone that can't afford new countertops to do this, it is SOOOOOOO scary at first but SOOOOOOOO easy and there really is no need to be scared!!

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