Thursday, June 7, 2012

Breakfast Nook Redo

First off, I am having problems with my blog, it wont show paragraph breaks and the photos are not centered as they should be, if anyone knows why it is doing this please help (I'm a novice at blogspot, this is the first time I've had issues like this though) So I am really excited to have this done! Things around this house have slowed down as far as projects and home renovations because my poor little 3 year old Liam, broke his elbow and had to have surgery. It was a really bad break and the healing process has been a doosie!! He has been in constant pain. He just got his cast off, but now will need to have physical therapy for at least a year because he doesn't have the ability to move his middle and index fingers, and he has severe nerve pain in his thumb, middle, and index fingers. So needless to say, he requires a lot of attention and help because he basically only has one hand.......It has been rough!


 With that said :( lets get back to the nook. My plan is, and has always been, to paint things with the intent to convince my husband that painting our kitchen cabinets would look nice and be a GOOD THING. I think I made a lot of head way with this nook, because it looks flawless (not to toot my own horn)! We started with a cheapo bench and a craigslist table ($25) we have had it like this for months now and every morning I would walk in the kitchen and cringe at the sight of all my miss matched ugly out dated brown in my kitchen. Now I at least have one pretty corner to look at. I simply painted the chairs and the pedestal of the table gray (with my new cheap paint sprayer that I love) and the top of the table and the bench white. However, I felt it was a little too boring so I came up with something fun. I decided to paint the leaf of the table gray too, that way it could give the table fun character and sort of camouflage the lines of the leaf (when the table is all white with the leaf in, there are two black lines that stick out like a sore thumb) also, it can sort of serve as a table runner too. Either way, I really really like it and I am super happy with it. I bought a yard of burlap for $2.50 and made some quick pillow covers and cut a square for my center piece. Now my walls behind the nook are bare, this I am very aware of and I have a plan to build a shelf that wraps around the corner so it stretches across both walls, I am really excited for my final nook reveal, but it will be a while as I still have a hurt little boy to tend to. I have to say my favorite part is the gray leaf!!!!!

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