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Ok so I am a stay at home mommy of 3 little crazy boys!!! These boys are my life, and they really keep me on my toes! I swear I see other people with their kids who walk beside them with their arms folded and do exactly as their mom says, my boys are not those boys! My boys climb on everything, play with everything, and test everything (including their mother) quiet is not in their vocabulary.......They are the perfect mix between their parents, they get their stellar good looks from their daddy and their possible ADHD craziness from their mommy.
My husband just started his first year of his medical residency, so when I say we are on a budget, I mean we are flat broke and poor. But, we just moved from Utah to Columbus Ohio and have a brand new old home to gut and fix up!! I love my little family, and really hope to add a girl to the mix one day, but if that doesn't happen, it's probably because I am such a tomboy that I wouldn't know what to do with all the ruffles and pinkness!!! I am a football LOVER (that is an understatement) and when I am not cleaning up the house, doing laundry, playing trains, making meals, building robots, or taking kids to soccer, I am trying to make or redo furniture, or I am getting my fantasy football team ready for the week!!

So follow me on this adventure, I have a blank slate (I wish it was blank, it was actually pink and wallpapered) to start with an build it into a home we love!!


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  1. Having raised my own "crazy" family of kids, I'm Mark's mom; these boys are actually idyllic because they are so fun and adventurous.

    Ethan is 'almost' handsome to a fault, CHARM should be his middle name, but it's MARK. Ethan's real talent is being smarter than a whip, plus he's such a little loving boy (especially to his Nana!)

    Liam is funny and imaginative, his play is so fun to watch and he's cute to boot! Liam is the most fun to take videos of, he's the star and he gets such a huge kick out of seeing himself in videos! He's got a big heart and misses extended family the most.

    The baby, Seth, is the sweetest cuddle bug and actually quite mild mannered, but I've never seen a baby get so excited with bath time like Sethy does; he's a riot! Plus he's got rhythm and bounces with the beat. Yet, he'll sit and play with toys (in front of a mirror) with his Sethy-Self buddy as calm as can be.

    I got to spend the entire month of October in Ohio with them and we all loved our time together. It was fun to see Melanie's friend's faces, when she said I was there for the MONTH, as nobody wants their mother-in-law with them that long, but Mellie and I are more friends than in-laws. She's the BEST and I LOVE her!


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