Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Never Pass Up an Old Ugly Chair!!!

Ok ok, my husband may disagree with the title of this post because I am acquiring quite a collection downstairs in our basement, but seriously this is one of the cheapest things in the world!!! Find FREE chairs, they seem to be everywhere, curbs, craigslist, or already in your home. And we ALL have old drapes, dresses, or table clothes that can be used instead of thrown out! I am a firm believer in working with what you got! Sure some times I really want a nice chair so I have to buy things like trim and fabric (for my last chair) but still it can be done very inexpensively!! With this chair (free because it was left here by the previous owner of our new home), it only took as much time as it takes for a can of paint to dry!! I found a can of spray paint that I already had and used some old curtains that I had made when my 5 year old was a baby! I gave the old chair a coat of paint and while I waited for it to dry I reupholstered the chair (I will be doing a tutorial on this later in the week and once you can reupholster 1 chair, you can do almost any simple chair).

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