Monday, August 20, 2012

OH NO, When is School??

Oh my I think I just made a fool of myself in front of my new little Kindergartener!!! We woke up early, ran to the store to buy Ethan some new shoes because I forgot to buy him school shoes (I'm on a roll) after getting him home, he took a bath, brushed his teeth and got all dressed for school.   We went outside and snapped a few "First Day of School" pictures and then ate some lunch.  We went upstairs knelt down and said a prayer together, just the two of us so he would have that little extra comfort about his first day of school.  I told him how excited I was for him and that I knew he would do so GREAT in school!  I could see and feel his excitement grow with each task we checked off of our list!  Finally, it was time to go outside and wait for the bus to pick us up, I was holding back the tears and he was holding back his excitement (as best a 5 year old can).  Just as bus time was inching up on us, our neighbor and all her kids, who should be in school because they are in older grades, came out of her house.  They quickly informed us that school starts tomorrow not today!!!!  In all the craziness of getting ready for school I must have read the date wrong!!!  I felt so bad for Ethan, he was so super excited, but he is a sweet good little boy.  I could tell he was EXTREMELY let down but he just hugged me and with a quivering voice said, "It's ok mom we will just do it all again tomorrow.........but maybe not all the pictures."  What a cute awesome little boy I have!!!  He was so let down, but he could tell how bad I felt for getting his hopes up that he tried really hard to not show his disappointment!!!  I love this little boy so so so much!

Here are a few of our pics from this morning, I think that even though the date will be wrong by a day, I'm not going to redo these.  He was such a trooper!  I got the idea for these potos on Pinterest and I wasn't in the mood to try to be creative and come up with my own ideas!  Isn't he so handsome???


  1. He is so cute! I miss him so much. Did you make the chalkboard frame?

  2. You got so much done in the morning hours! You rock! That is too bad about school starting tomorrow, but now you both will have awesome memories to go along with those amazing photos!

  3. It would only be LOGICAL that school SHOULD have started on a Monday, I can certainly see why you thought so too!

    Really great pics though and Ethan showed what an incredible little man he is. He impresses his Nana way beyond his five years. I can't wait to come out to Ohio to see you guys in just a few weeks. Wow!


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