Sunday, April 15, 2012


This is for you Nana!! 2 cute pics of our little Sethasaurus, we love this kid!!


  1. So kissable, those cheeks, those lips... the back of the neck and even blow bellies. Give some to him ASAP and tell him, their from his Nana!

    Sorry for hi-jacking your DIY blogspot, but thanks - I did Pinterest the B&W one - the other one's a bonus!

  2. Oops, (I meant) they're (I do know the difference). :-)

    P.S. Speaking of blogging; I've been posting to my Cooking Blog, and started back up again with my BREAD Blog. In case, if or your readers are interested. and

    These BLOGSITES might also keep YOU going, but they sure do me. :-) Just a thought, wink-wink. REALLY no obligations. xoxox, Nana

  3. I've just tagged you for the Kreativ Blogger award


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