Monday, December 5, 2011

Birthday Cake Time

So I had to take a break from all the house stuff because my little guys keep growing and having birthdays, dang it!!!! Why can't they just stay little and innocent forever?? Well, I have this thing where I HAVE to MAKE their birthday cakes instead of buying them, and EVERY year I ask myself WHY????? I don't think that cake decorating comes naturally to me because I am not an extremely patient or detail oriented person and I think you need to be both to be a great cake decorator. Well none the less, I decided to keep with tradition and make their cakes (but this time I did them on the same day so they could have a combined party. My 3 year old's birthday was mid November, and my other little guy turns 5 in mid December). For now I don't think I'll do a detailed tutorial, because I am still in burnout mode but I will give the basic steps of each cake.
First the Angry Birds Cake, this one was actually quite simple, just a little time consuming. I made about 5 or 6 batches of marshmallow fondant (to use for both cakes, it's always better to have too much than too little) I then separated the fondant and made all the different colors I would be needing, then I went to town playing with the fondant like it was playdough and just had fun with it.

Ok my boys probably wouldn't say that I had fun with it because I get a bit stressed and was pretty grouchy when they tried to play with everything I made. Once I finished all the fondant birds and pigs I covered them and started working on the Lightning McQueen Cake, I stacked the previously baked and frozen cakes (layer of frosting in between to hold them together) and then attempted to carve the cake into the shape of Lightning McQueen, using a couple of my sons cars as a model.

I say attempt because the boys were really up in my business at this time trying to "help" I was so stressed out that mommy the "grouch" kept coming out. At this point I decided to put it back in the freezer and wait til the boys went to bed. Once the coast was clear and I could work in peace and that is what I did, I finished carving the cake, frosting it

and putting on the red fondant, then I added chocolate donuts for the wheels and decorated the cake board and called it a night.

The next morning I assembled the Angry Birds onto a cake.

Don't let me fool you by making this sound simple, it was not and thats why I still don't have energy for a full tutorial but the boys were so happy and loved their cakes and had a great party (except they missed their grandmas and cousins....sad)! Here are a few pics of the other cakes I have done for their other birthdays over the years!!


  1. These are adorable! My son would love to have that Lightning McQueen cake! I did Blues Clues themed last year for his party that cake would have been perfect! :)
    Great job, you are very talented!

  2. This post makes me so incredibly sad... but then again I'm just having a rough time lately! Your cakes have all turned out amazing. You're so incredibly talented. Happy birthdays to my 2 older boyfriends. Kiss them for me. I miss them (and you and seth) terribly...

  3. Those cakes are amazing! I was very impressed!

  4. Wow I'm so amazed! Cakes can be a lot of work. Great job!

  5. Super cute cakes, girl! I especially love the angry birds one! I see we're on similar paths - I have 3 boys too, and my husband (after years of being in financial services) decided to open a new insurance agency on Jan 1, 2010! It'll be fun to keep tabs on each other! Good luck! - L


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