Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Few Before Pics

So we have been working really hard at getting our house tolerable right now. When we moved in we thought we could just shampoo the carpets and live with the carpet for a while but we were WRONG the shampooing had the opposite effect!!!! The carpet wouldn't dry because of the wet weather we were having so our home started to smell more an more like a dirty gym shoe, so we did what we had to do and ripped out the carpet and put in new floating floors (we did this ourselves instead of paying an arm and a leg for it and it really wasn't that hard). Now I lost my memory card for my camera during the move and my husband insists that it will turn up so I haven't gotten a new one just yet. This makes documenting my progress on the home a little more difficult. I have, however, taken a handful of pics with my cell phone. First I'll take you on a short tour of the home as it was when we first fell in love with its POTENTIAL!!!

And here is the AFTER (taken by my phone) of the floors and paint (which is not fully done because I am going to add moulding and boxes to it eventually).

Don't you especially love the gold drapes!! I was sad to see them go.......unfortunately and for some odd reason I just don't have anything that goes well with her gold drapery, maybe because I don't have a lacey tablecloth....if only....

Right now I'm a little at a loss for what to do with the kitchen because redoing cabinets scares me......

I do have a plan however for the nook, I am going to build a built-in bench to create a real nook

I couldn't get all the bath in one shot it's small but the above pic is the only BEFORE pic I have and below are some pics of my work in progress, I am planning on moving the toilet paper holder and the towel rack eventually.

I forgot to take before pic of the vanity but it was and still is a very faint mint green, I decided I wanted to try the antiquing technique for the first time ever and I'm not upset with the results, but the gold faucet had to go so I spray painted it. the wood soap dish and stuff will be gone soon too!

And a look at our backyard from the baby's window

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