Friday, August 19, 2011

Can't Wait.........

I am so excited to own our first home, sure it's not a big and fancy nice new home, but once I am done with it, it will be OUR home. It's not so old that it is a super cool old home with character, but it is an older home built in 1981 and the woman we bought it from is an older lady with older lady taste, so it indeed needs a lot of cosmetic work. I'm excited to start blogging about my experiences as I try to be a DIYER for the first time. I'll probably be terrible at first but I hope to get better as I learn what I am doing (both in the blogging world and DIY projects).
First a little about who I am and what has brought us to this point in life. My name is Melanie, lately I struggle to find any words to describe myself because I have recently realized that I have COMPLETELY lost myself in being a mother. My life is, and has been for nearly 5 years, all about my BOYS (3 of them to be exact) I Know some of you stay at home moms know what I am talking about, at least I hope you do cause it would be pathetic if I found out I was the only one who let this happen to themselves. I don't think it is a bad thing to completely live for your children, however I am starting to realize that in order to be a happy mamma, and kids need a happy mamma, I HAVE to have ME time, I HAVE to have something for myself otherwise the pitty party starts creeping into my head.
Moving on (literally), my husband, boys and I just moved from Utah to Columbus Ohio for his medical residency so here I am without friends and family, it should give me a lot of time to work on my house. I have a 6 month old baby boy who naps A LOT and a husband in his first year of residency (never home) so I really don't get out of the house much, DIY projects should be perfect right??? We don't live in our house yet, we are hoping to close in a few weeks but we have been lucky enough to house sit for some friends, living rent free is super nice right before buying a house. The only problem with it is we live in a beautiful remodeled victorian (I think) type home that is smack dab in the GHETTO, we have been here for 3 months and there have been a handful of domestic shootings, drive-byes, and arsons within 5 blocks of where we are.......scary!!!! I am ready to move into my own home!!
I could go on and on about our house hunting woos but I won't put you through that roller coaster story! Let's just say it hasn't been easy or nearly as fun as I thought buying a home should be. We put an offer in on a home 5 months ago, it was a short sale so we knew it would take time. We didn't want to wait for it so we continued to look at other homes and even made offers on other houses. I was itching to get started on my new projects for the house and couldn't stand to wait so I found this awesome application that I downloaded called Google Sketchup, I might be really late to the game and you guys (assuming someone out there is reading my blog) have probably been using it for a long time, but I love it, I was able to start creating my vision....Remember I said START I still don't know what I am doing with sketchup. In this house, there is only one main living area so I needed a place to hide the toys I knew would take over the great room so I decided adding a window seat would work well (obviously it would open and would serve as a toy box) the window seat would also help with the awkward shape of the room. Anyhow I thought I would share this fun find that is Sketchup, it has been a great outlet for me while I am itching to work on the house but unable to do so. Oh wait one other side note, we didn't end up getting this house that I worked so hard on in Sketchup, we had given them plenty of time to close on it, but those banks just don't seem to care, so we had to move on to the home we are about to move into and sadly I don't have any real Sketchup ideas to share.


  1. Love it Mel! Great idea to blog about decorating your new home! You deserve it too. Plus I never heard of Google Sketchup. I'll have to check it out so thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm not great at this blogger thing, my blog seems so juvenile compared to the others out there. I'm not sure how to navigate through it, but I'm sure I'll figure it out along the way.


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